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Drew Gourley

When I graduated, if you would have asked me what I was doing with my future, I would have told you I wanted to land a design job doing primarily print and logo design. So you may wonder why a graphic designer would gravitate towards web development, and I get asked about it quite a bit.

I have a passion for art and design, and always have, but I soon realized out of college that I have the uncanny (and sought after) ability to combine the problem solving processes of web design with all of the necessary code development.

I guess part of that may come from what you could consider an ingrained understanding of coding languages in general. After all, I’ve been writing code for websites since the internet was called CompuServe. If that isn’t some major geek street-cred, I don’t know what is.

A Preview of the Maverick Rising Website

The maverick rising project holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, the Super Nintendo was a huge part of my life. Some of the greatest games I’ve ever played were on that machine, and the first three installments of the amazing Megaman X series were no exception to that greatness.

I remember playing and re-playing this game over and over again, even coming back to it in my college years for more than just a few rounds. One major factor in the replay-ability of these games are their soundtracks. Capcom definitely had a signature sound when it came to their game soundtracks during the heyday of these games, and the Megaman X series is a tribute to it.
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Designed primarily by Joe Sparano of Oxide Design Co., this website is the brain-child of the entire Oxide team. We worked really hard to come up with ways to properly display portfolio projects and deliver relevant content while keeping the interface simple and clean. Thanks to Joe’s vision, Adam’s imagery, Drew (Davies)’s support, and my execution, we were able to unleash this site unto the world. I am extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to be a part of this project and look forward to many more exciting projects as Oxide’s web developer.

Web Design Mockup

This was a design I did for the Midlands Mentoring Partnership website while working at Iridian Group. This design was unique in that it was happening as we were also developing the logo. That allowed me to create a really dynamic design using the circle motif which we had used to create the mark. To date, this is still one of my absolute favorite web designs I’ve done.
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Homepage of

The people at First Lutheran Church in Omaha were so wonderful to work with. After some deliberation and minor tweaks, they approved my design and we were off and running. I put together this WordPress site for them while working at Iridian Group, and after a several versions of a few really bad calendar plugins, we finally settled on one that had all the pieces they needed (because I added them).
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Homepage of

The JetLinx site utilizes a WordPress Multisite network to deploy different webpages for each of it’s city offices. Those sites, as well as the main JetLinx website, can be overseen by and administrated by the headquarters in Omaha via one simple interface. The site was planned and programmed in this way to facilitate their expanding reach and constant need easily create a new site for new offices as they open.

Alternate Web Design Mockup

This is another design for the JetLinx website which was meant to feel more like an app than a website, with modular fly-out areas instead of a typical website structure. It is admittedly avant-garde, but I still feel it would have been an incredible look for their site. Ultimately, they decided to go a different direction with the design.