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The maverick rising project holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, the Super Nintendo was a huge part of my life. Some of the greatest games I’ve ever played were on that machine, and the first three installments of the amazing Megaman X series were no exception to that greatness.

I remember playing and re-playing this game over and over again, even coming back to it in my college years for more than just a few rounds. One major factor in the replay-ability of these games are their soundtracks. Capcom definitely had a signature sound when it came to their game soundtracks during the heyday of these games, and the Megaman X series is a tribute to it.

The Mavericks will rise again!

When I found out OverClocked ReMix was putting together a massive compilation album of Megaman X soundtrack remixes, I literally jumped at the opportunity to get involved. The result is this website design. Deployed within are some of the most cutting edge 3D CSS techniques to achieve some of the depth elements. I also had some fun optimizing the interface by using a simple AJAX pagination and some JavaScript layering tricks with the character illustrations.

But wait, that’s not all!

Also for this project, I created a highly dynamic preview video with what I consider one of the premier tracks from the album. Artist Washudoll’s rendition of the Boomer Kuwanger theme from the first Megaman X was simply the only choice of music for this video. The song is so well done and has so much drama, it really takes the video to another level. Being a fan and avid listener of OverClocked Remix for such a long time, I feel overjoyed to have been a part of such a great project, and I hope this will be a stepping stone to my further involvement with their community.

Check out the album!